Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yummy Giveaways

I have just been browsing all the blogs I check into regularly and thought I'd share one. It's called Etsy Finds & Giveaways  so all you crafty people may already have spotted it. Their current giveaway is just too much for me to resist, Roseknits makes the most adorable bags and totes and I'm itching for a little box tote for my Evie for her ballet shoes and drink when we go to class, it would be perfect. If I don't win one then  I think I'm just going have to get one for her birthday or Christmas (yes I'm thinking about it already!!).

On a personal note I have been mainly knitting for the last couple of weeks. It has turned really cold over here now (which I know all my family and friends in the UK are really laughing about. When I say cold I don't mean so cold you need a big wool coat, boots, gloves, scarf, hat etc. I mean better get a jacket and a scarf out, it's about 16 degrees C, but hey I'm acclimitised now!) so I have been knitting scarves. I have knitted 6 of them, a couple are short neck-warmer ones which I intend to put a button on and the others are really long draping ones. I also have another three which I am in the middle of! Not sure what I am going to do with them all. I have used lots of wool that I already had in all sorts of colours and then I went out and bought more!! It's becoming an obsession. I think it's because they knit quickly and I'm not a very patient person. Anyway here they are. Any suggestions on what I can do with them are more than welcome.

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