Monday, May 11, 2009

Big Button Challenge

I may have already mentioned that I was taking part in Lisa Clarke's Big Button Challenge and how I had managed to lose my button, imagine losing the focal part of your challenge! How silly did I feel? I had to email Lisa and explain and then wait for the new button to arrive. It was like being 6 and waiting for a birthday, every day I checked the post box and every day it was empty. It actually only took about 9 days to arrive it just felt like forever!!
Whilst I was waiting I made my piece, I wanted the button to be the centre, literally, and wanted to make sure that the rest of the piece didn't detract form the beauty that is one of Lisa's big buttons. Here is my finished brooch, simple but pretty I think and designed to brighten up the cold autumnal days that have now arrived in Auckland. I can pretend it's summer again.

The brooch is based on one a friend of mine had, I think it comes from an Amy Butler pattern. I have left mine looser and also added the tiny seed beads and of course the button. For the pin I used a small kilt pin as I wanted to make sure that it held straight and I didn't think a traditional brooch pin would be large enough. Anyway I had a lot of fun. Thanks Lisa for the chance to take part with other talented craftpersons. Once all the entries are in Lisa is giving her readers a chance to vote on their favourite, I'll let you know when that is.


Amanda said...

Love the brooch, Em - and good luck for the contest (I voted for ya!). Really enjoying your blog - am going to link it to my blog too, if that's OK?

Anonymous said...

Lovely job show-casing the button. It would be awesome to wear such a brooch on a cold autumn day. Good luck in the contest.

Emma said...

Thanks for your comments. It certainly brightens my morning on our walk to school.