Thursday, September 17, 2009

Me time

So I had been planning to make something yummy from one of my new books. Something that I wanted to make, maybe even something I wanted to make and keep for me. Yeah right! I spent yesterday evening making a pleated skirt for Gage, she has a costume day at school and wanted to go as a manga/anime character and needed a black pleated skirt. I made one, quickly, it won't win any prizes but it's a basic pleated skirt and it does the job.

Great, now on to my things, ha! Neil asked me before he went to school this morning to check something he had been working on and if I got time to type it up. He is in a planning meeting after work today and won't be home until late and of course he has left this particular task until the last minute, he needs it for tomorrow. Yes I did it, read, checked and typed waiting to be cut and pasted into whatever he needs to put it into.

Great now on to my things, hahahaha. Evie is having a loud shirt day at school tomorrow, not content with just wearing something we could find in the wardrobe she decided she needed to decorate a shirt herself. It's a fundraiser for deaf children to enable them to get cochlear implants so of course I said I'd help.

After school we headed out to get some supplies and also new ballet shoes for her and me, we had to get the shoes today as the little shop is only open for 2 hours on Thursdays and 2 hours on Saturday. Shoes bought, supplies for the shirt decorating bought we headed to get burgers for dinner. All of a sudden from the back of the car I hear "Mom, I feel sick" I quickly emptied the ballet shoes out of the bag and threw it to her and she promptly vomited, great huh? Head back home, give her some neurofen to get rid of her headache and within an hour she was all OK again and decorating her shirt. Here it is.

Gotta love being a mom right? Here's my little stash of felted jumpers, waiting for me to get to them. Tomorrow I'm going to make time for my things.


Amanda said...

Awww, Em :( I can sooooo relate to this! This is why I don't get to bed till 2am on a regular day, cos the rest of the day I'm busy doing stuff for everyone else LOL! Can't wait to see what you do with your felted sweaters :) I have several half-made cupcakes, a few appliques and assorted other felted goodies litering my studio LOL! I love Evie's t-shirt - I see she has her Mum's eye for design ;) x

nickienz said...

Love the felt! Cant wait to see what you create! A lady came into the shop today and she makes her own lampwork beads up north. Her website is Thought you could check out her stuff, if its any good.