Friday, September 4, 2009

It's a boy

Hooray a new addition to our family and a friend for Honey.

His name is Nike and he's six months old, we got him from a family who had only had him six weeks but hadn't bargained on the time and effort a dog, particularly a larger one, takes. They in turn got him from the Humane Society which is where we got Honey from so both are beautiful rescued dogs. We introduced them last night, some playing, some nipping and a little bit of full on biting as they try to decide who's the boss. Honey already knows her position in our family and is obviously not willing to allow a new dog to be in front of her. He is good with the kids though he is big and strong and we need to teach him how to play a bit more gently. We took them for a walk together last night and again this morning (hello 5.45am, I haven't seen you for a while!!) and they both behaved really well outside so I think with a little love and attention they'll become friends.

Here's our baby girl Honey who is 13 months old in the art canvas that Evie made.

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Leeanne said...

He's so gorgeous sweet hope it goes well, I certainly can not do 5.30 am wake up walkies anymore, but more like 9.30 - 10 am lol. I am looking into a friend for 'max' but as small as he is,.. cause we have to buy a bigger bed lol...