Sunday, September 13, 2009

House of Sickness

Yes this week we have been the house of sickness. We had a selection of vomiting, sore throats, headaches, runny noses, coughs, colds, aching bones...well you get the picture right?

So Sunday has rolled along and we are finally all on the mend because obviously we weren't all sick on the same days so we spread it out and made each other miserable feeling sorry for ourselves, except Callum who even through the vomit and the subsequent snot fest managed to stay happy and full of beans. What is it with toddlers and energy? I really need to get myself some from the same place he gets his as it's so much longer lasting than the adult variety I have!

I haven't had much time to do anything much creative but here's a necklace I made for our most recent beadswap. It was inspired by Christi Friesen's candy focal beads.

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