Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Catching Up

We had a public holiday here on Monday so had a three day weekend, what fun, an extra day to relax and do nothing...yeah right! It was busier than  ever and I didn't get round to doing the things I had planned to do. Which primarily is I haven't got around to making the blinds for the kids rooms but here is the fabric they chose themselves (months ago). I'm showing you because I think if I get it out and share it I might feel that I have to do something with it!

Here are a few beads I did manage to make at the weekend, this I can do while sitting on the sofa after a long day of cleaning, sorting and working in the garden .

And I baked as well, some yummy peanut butter cookies and another egg free muffin recipe, this one tasted good but  the cakes were completely flat, one day I'll get it right if I keep trying and the kids seem to enjoy trying the different variations. No pictures of my baking though as I forgot, here's what's left.

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