Monday, June 15, 2009

My firstborn turns 18

Wowser, how did that happen? Just the other day I was giving birth and now she is turning 18, I'm pretty sure that somewhere along the way someone stole some of my days/weeks/months/years!! I think Evie might have been at least as excited as Gage, she jumped out of bed and rushed in to wish her happy birthday. I made cups of tea and then we sat down with the little pile of presents and cards.

A few grown up presents and lots of money, it's times like this that you appreciate the pound to dollar conversion. I'd like to thank everyone who sent cards, presents and money, it's great to know that even though we aren't in the UK anymore you all remember these special occasions.

Here's the cake Gage requested, she went for grown up and sophisticated.

We went out for dinner to a local Thai restaurant, the food was fabulous and the only down side was Callum fidgeted and got a bit bored. Gage excitedly had a beer with her meal, the first legal drink. Then back home to eat cake. She is having a party on Saturday with her friends which I anticipate will be a little bit wilder than her actual birthday with us.

Happy birthday Gage, I'm so proud to be your Mom. I love you. xx

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