Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bookmarks and bead parties

I have spent the last couple of evenings finishing off the bookmarks for my friend. Although I don't ever duplicate an item (unless it's requested for a bridal party or something similar) I did use the same layout for the bookmarks. I used different colours and styles of beads and I was please with the variety it led to. I asked Neil what he thought when I had finished and he said he really liked the glass ones but the flower ones looked a bit childlike, perfect I said they are for under 10's to which he replied that's OK then otherwise they wouldn't really be any good!! Like he's suddenly an expert on bookmarks and beads, typical eh?

A friend of mine has a daughter turning 10 next month and she has asked me to organise a beading party for her. I have been working on a design for a necklace and bracelet that will appeal to ten 7 to 10 year olds which is also relatively straightforward to make. The problem is I want them to be able to have some input into what they make but most of them have never done any beading before so I have to keep it really simple and also within the budget given. I think I will make two or three necklace designs and the same for the bracelets and then have a selection of beads in different shapes and colours, that way I can guide the design but they can still have the jewellery that suits them. If anyone has any ideas of how I can better do this please let me know, all suggestions are welcome.


kraftykash said...

I would say have no more than 2 designs and have examples there for the kids to use as a guide. My daughter will be 10 in August and more than 2 would be overwhelming....especially for you. :) Good Luck!! It sounds fun.

Emma said...

Thanks Kashoan, you forget how much guidance they need, by the time they get to 18 they know everything!

nickienz said...

Love the bookmarks! Your party sounds cool, Why dont you just let the kids choose beads and make them copy one necklace & bracelet? Everyone loves beads I'm sure they'll be wrapped with choosing their own colour combinations. Ohh! that sounds really bossy sorry, make it easy for yourself or you wont want to do it again (for my kids).