Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Teeange whims

My darling almost 18 year old daughter has her school ball coming up. She asked me to make her a dress for it and I (foolishly?) said yes. She told me the ball was in June, lots of time I thought to myself so I had been collecting patterns off Trade Me and got some lovely midnight blue crepe back satin, good quality so it has a lovely drape. I was feeling very pleased with myself now I had everything I needed so I could get going. 

That's when she dropped the bombshell, the ball is on the 9th of May, less than 2 weeks away!! She also decided that she didn't want the pattern I had chosen so off we popped to the local store to get a new one, paid for by her as I had paid for everything else. She chose one and I have to say it's beautiful but about twice as much work as the 'easy' pattern I had chosen. Oh well... So anyway yesterday I set to work and cut out the pattern, it took a lifetime as the dog decided to help. Tonight I am going to cut the fabric and then the next day construct it. I hope I have enough evenings to get it all done, aaargh!! I'll let you know how I get on and if I have to make a last minute dash to the mall to actually buy a dress.

So off with any thoughts I had of making any more beads or buttons so here are the last few I made, it could be a while until the next lot!!

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