Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Star is Born

Evie has been doing ballet for about 2 years now and was lucky enough to be involved in her ballet school production of Cinderella. To be honest the dances the little ones did had nothing to do with Cinderella but as far as they were concerned they were the introduction to it and Evie loved every minute of it. Especially the costume and the lipstick.

They started learning the dance about 4 months ago and built it up week by week. I was so please with the way she danced and even more so with the way she behaved after. They were allowed to come into the audience to watch and she behaved impeccably, now I just have to figure out how to get her to do that at home!!

They danced at a proper theatre, albeit a smallish one, with proper lights, music and costumes. She's a natural performer so she cant wait to be a bit older and have a bigger role in the next show.

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Amanda said...

Wow, Evie looks so gorgeous Em! What a little cutie (she looks just like you!!). Glad she enjoyed herself :)